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Asia Foreign Study Scholarship Application Procedures of The Capital University of Economics and Business

Application form2.doc Click here to download the Application Form!

        There is 6 non-degree scholars and 4 bachelor degree provided for 2017/2018 academic year

Not required for Chinese language students; undergraduate need to pass the HSK exam grade 5 (formerly HSK 6 exams)

Other: language students only need to provide relevant registration materials, no need to take the entrance examination; undergraduate students need to participate in school inside the math exam.

Any new degree-seeking student (undergraduates, postgraduates and doctors) studying in The Capital University of Economics and Business (CUEB) shall attend courses, finish homework and pass exams, which means he need meet the scholarship requirement for new degree-seeking students in the first academic year. From the second academic year, he can continue getting full scholarship if he meets the scholarship requirement for matriculated degree-seeking students.



The Capital University of Economics and Business (CUEB) was founded in 1956 and established as a key university of the Beijing Municipality. CUEB has six disciplines: economics, management, law, literature, science, and engineering, with an emphasis on the strong points of economics and management. The disciplines are interrelated and collaborated with each other.CUEB is developing into a modern and multi-disciplines economic university. 

CUEB has two campuses. The main campus is located in Fengtai District, the Hongmiao Campus is located in Chaoyang District. The two campuses combined comprise a total area of 480,000 square meters and a total construction area of 365,000 square meters. The library has a collection of more than 1.2 million books and over 2,600 periodicals in Chinese and foreign languages. 

The university offers 35 bachelor programs The University grants doctoral degrees in Applied Economics with a top-tier discipline supported by a post-doctoral research center. In addition, there are 11 doctoral degree programs with second-tier disciplines, and 30 top-tier discipline masters programs. CUEB has schools of Urban Development, Business Administration, Economics, Accounting, Labor Economics, Humanities, Information, Safety and Environmental Engineering, Public Finance &Taxation, Law, Finance, Statistics, and Continuing Education; the Department of Foreign Languages, Overseas Chinese College, Department of Physical Education, School of International Education; and Professional Masters Office. 

Of over 21,000 students enrolled at CUEB, 10,000 are undergraduates, over 400 are associates degree students, more than 2,000 are graduate students, more than 700 are international students, and more than 7,800 are continuing education students. CUEB has a strong, highly-credentialed faculty and research team. There are 1,625 faculty and staff members, including 712 instructors. CUEB faculty have a great number of provincial, ministry-level and national research projects in Beijing.   

The university has cooperative relations with over 50 universities, research institutions, and social organizations abroad. The university pays great attention on the programs to international students. Since 1986, our university has been recruiting international students and offering Chinese language course programs as well as economics-related courses. Currently, 900 international students enrolled in long-term and short-term sessions. Our university constantly strives to improve instructional quality and management to enrich students’ experiences in order to sustain a comprehensive, standardized, yet unique curriculum that caters to the different needs of international students. For example, we offer language courses in economics and business for international undergraduate students. Meanwhile, we provide elective courses in Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Dance and Chinese Martial Arts. International Economics and trade major, master program (taught in English) and Ph.D.program are all aviablable to the foreign students.  

Degree Programs 

Bachelor’s Degree (4 years) 

General Scholar (1-2years) 


2.Administration (E-Government) 

3.Public Administration 

4.Urban Management 

5.Business Administration 


7.Tourist Management 


9.Logistics Management 


11.International Economics And Trade 

12.Trade And Economic 


14.Financial Management 

15.Human Resource Management 

16. Labor And Social Security 

17. Labor Relations 

18.Social Work 



21.Information Management And Information System 

22.Project Management 

23.Computer Science And Technology 

24.Industrial Engineering 

25.Environmental Engineering 

26.Safety EngineeringCertified Safety Engineer 

27.Pubic Finance 


29.Asset Valuation(CPV) 




33.Financial Engineering 


35.English(Business English) 

Master’s Degree (3years) 

Senior Scholar (1-2 Years) 

1.Political Economics 

2.Western Economics 

3.Population, Resources And Environmental Economics 

4.National Economics 

5.Regional Economics 

6.Public Finance 


8.Industrial Economics(Commercial Economics) 

9.Industrial Economics(Information Economics) 

10.International Trade 

11.Labor Economics 


13.Quantitative Economics 

14.Civil And Commercial Law 

15.Economic Law 


17.Basics Of Marxism 

18.Ideological And Political Education 

19.Safety Technique And Engineering 

20.Occupational And Environmental Heath 

21.Management Science And Engineering (Engineering) 

22.Management Science And Engineering (Management) 


24.Enterprise Management 

25.Tourist Management 

26.Technical Economics And Management 

27.Administrative Management 

28.Social Security 


30.Master Of Laws(Law) 

31.Master Of Social Work 

32.Master Of Safety Engineering 

33.Master Of Finance 

34.Master Of Applied Statistics 

35.Master Of Taxation 

36.Master Of International Business 

37.Master Of Insurance 

38.Master Of Asset Valuation 

39.Master Of Accounting 

Doctoral Degree (3 Years) 

Senior Scholar (1-2 Years) 

1.National Economics 

2.Regional Economics 

3.Public Finance 


5.Industrial Economics 

6.International Trade 

7.Labor Economics 


9.Quantitative Economics 

10.Defense Economics 

11.Enterprise Management 

Special Programs for International Students 

Bachelor’s Degree (4 years) 

Master’s Degree  (2years, taught in English. The applicant should pass TOEFLwith a score of 550 or IELTS with a score of 6.0 ) 

Doctoral Degree  (3 Years, taught in English. The applicant should pass TOEFLwith a score of 550 or IELTS with a score of 6.0) 

Senior Scholar   (1-2 years) 

      1. Bachelor of International Economics and Trade 

Students applying for this major are required to be foreigners, having at least high school degree and passing the HSK level six. The students in this major would learn the basic theory and knowledge of international economics and receive training in the aspects of international trade, international investment and international economic cooperation so as to process the basic ability of working in the field of foreign economic relations and trade. Through learning, students can master the basic theory and knowledge of the international economic and trade and have basic skills of dealing with international economic and trade issues. Students will be familiar with policies and regulations of China's foreign economic and trade. Also, students will better understand the trends and developments of world trade with higher foreign language level and strong computer skills. 

2、Master of Applied Economics:  

Students applying for this major are required to be foreigners, or overseas Chinese, required to have a bachelor degree or above. The courses would be taught in English. 

The Main courses for this program include: Intermediate Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Quantitative methods in economics,Development Economics, China's Economic Reforms, China Business Environment, Lectures on Applied Economics, International Finance, International Trade Theory and Policy, Corporate Strategy, Human Recourses Management, Academic Writing,  and Chinese Language and Culture, etc. 

The students in this major would learn the basic theory and knowledge of Economics and receive training in the aspects of Economics Research and Application on National Economics, Industrial Economics, Quantitative Economics, International Trade, Economic Development etc. Through learning, the students can master the basic theory and research methods of Economics, analyze and explain the current economic issues and economic policy, better understand Chinese economic development, by learning Chinese language and culture and better understand the development trends of world economy. 

3. Applied Economics PHD 

This doctoral enrollment targets for foreigners or overseas Chinese. The applicants are required to have a master degree or above. The courses would be taught in English. 

The Main courses include: Advanced macroeconomicsAdvanced microeconomicsApplied econometrics, Quantitative methods in economic analysis, Research on economic frontier and hot topics, Culture and national conditions of China, Research on Chinese economic issues, The economic system comparison, Monographic study and Academic Writing, and Chinese Language and Culture, etc. 

The students in this program would be further strengthening the basic theory and knowledge of Economics to improve the ability of independent research and receive training in the aspects of Applied Economics. Through the study, the students should master the Applied Economics research methods, depth understand China's economy, better understand the trends and developments in the world economy, independently complete PhD thesis under the guidance of their supervisors.  



For Self-financed International Students 

1. Application fee: RMB 800 

2. Tuition: 

1) Bachelor’s Degree: RMB 22000/academic year;  

2) Master’s Degree:  RMB 27000/academic year 

International Program (taught in English): RMB 37000/academic year 

3) Doctoral Degree:  RMB 31000/academic year (taught in Chinese) 

International Program (taught in English): RMB41000/academic year 

4) General Scholar: RMB 21000/academic year; 

5) Senior Scholar: RMB 25000/academic year; 

3. Accommodation:  

Double room RMB 30/day; Communal toilet, furniture, beddings, A/C, telephone, TV set, Internet jack, etc. 

Double room RMB 42-80/person/day. Each room is equipped with bathroom, furniture, beddings, A/C, telephone, , TV set, Internet jack, etc. 



        Contact:Anthony FU

        Telephone:+86-15-5228 7706/ 53390379

        Fax:+86-10-5970 6618





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