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Chinese State Councilor - Chen Zhili

China has always attached a great significance to friendly relations and cooperation between other Asian countries in the recent years, exchange and cooperation in the field of education between Asian countries has been very strong. The establishment of the Asian Education Forum is truly necessary and will greatly contribute to the future exchange and communication between Asian countries in the field of education and strengthen personnel exchanges. The Asian education Forum can become a bridge to promote regional cultural and educational cooperation and contribute to achieving collective prosperity. The Chinese government will fully support the Forum’s preparation and hosting of this event.

Vice Premier of the State Council, mayor of Beijing - Wang Zhishan

The Education Forum for Asia will be a platform for communication between Asian countries regarding the education sector and between high-level representatives from around the world. This is bound to have a positive impact of the development of education and cultural exchanges within China and other Asian countries, while promoting Asian societies as a whole with improvement on an economic and cultural level. The Beijing Municipal Government will fully support the Education Forum for Asia.

Beijing is willing to collaborate with countries in Asia as well as from around the world by promoting exchanges and further promote the development of education in order to stimulate economic development and social progress as soon as possible so that Beijing will be able to provide high-quality training and become an open education center.

Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, member of State Council - Liu Yandong

In recent years, higher education exchanges and cooperation in Asia has flourished, there has been a growing number of educational exchanges and cooperation platforms for China and other Asian countries such as, the Asian Education Forum in Beijing, Higher Education Cooperation Forum of the East Asia Summit, APEC Education Ministerial Meeting, A Higher Education Cooperation Seminar platform. A full range of multi-level, bilateral and multilateral exchange mediums have gradually formed, continuously deepening exchanges and building consensus on strategies to further enhance the development of education.

Secretray general, Secretariat of Boao Forum for Asia - Long Yongtu

Through the joint efforts of Asian countries, the Beijing Education Forum has made significant progress.

Asian economies, including China, have had rapid development. The factor that is significantly slowing down Asia and China's economic development is the scarcity educated workers. Therefore, we hope to make a great efforts at this forum to promote the development of education in Asian countries as well as further exchange and cooperation.

Minister of Education - Zhou Ji

Educational development strategies need to adapt to the expansion of the 21st century. This acceleration of education reform has become an important issue for the development strategies of numerous countries around the world. For this reason, ministers of education from across Asia have met in Beijing to discuss strategies for the emerging countries of the new century. These major strategic issues are a common concern between countries in the development of education and have great significance.

The Education Forum provides an essential platform to promote exchange and cooperation in this region. I eagerly look forward to listening to the insights of distinguished guests and to promote educational exchanges and cooperation across Asian countries, it is a new opportunity to accelerate the educational development within the region.  

NPC Standing Committee, Deputy Director of the Health Committee of UNESCO - Wang Zuoshu

"Addressing today’s economic, science and technology issues to solve tomorrow's problems, along with education will lead to national sustainable development." It is clear the role of education has in the shaping of society. At the Education Forum for Asia, ladies and gentlemen, we will bring some good ideas, strategies and methods that will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the development of education while improving the quality of education as well.

H.R.H Princess of Thailand - Maha Chakri Sirindhorn

Thanks to the organizers of the meeting, especially the organizers of the Asian Education Forum, who has done an exceptional job managing the event. I truly believe this cooperation and coordination between all participants will be able to ensure a bright future for educational development in Asia.

Former president of the Philippines - Fidel V. Ramos

When we signed on to the Asia Education Forum initiatives in Beijing, we had a great vision of what we could possibly achieve, and what impact we could have on Asian countries. And today, we can say very confidently, that the people of the Asia Pacific region have benefited from our forum in great ways. So I am very appreciative of the positive influence of the Asian Education Forum in Beijing, with the increased quality of education and the increased opportunities within the region. We have State leaders from 41 countries participating this year, that makes me very pleased.

Former Prime Minister of Kazakhstan - Sergey Terechshenko

As the initiators of the forum, our Foundation and I have been committed to educational exchanges between the two countries. The representative offices in China consider education as the highest priority. Since 2004, various institutions from Beijing, Shanxi, Shanghai, Hebei, and Gansu have signed  cooperation agreements with our Foundation in order to meet the cultural demand for Kazakhstan's economic construction and promote bilateral cooperation.

Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea - Lee Soo-Sung

We are brought together to discuss education issues. In my experience, I am convinced that education is very important for us, for Asia, Europe, and for each country, for human beings and for the whole world it is very important. Education in the 21st century is the basis for our human progress. I sincerely hope that through our joint efforts, we are able to obtain a meaningful education and life.

Former Prime Minister of Nepal - H.E.Mr.Kirti Nidhi Bista

The initiator of the meeting we held in Beijing in December 2003, we set up the goal of this forum, that is to promote the development of human resources of Asia in order to become an important component of international education Also to encourage global talent to create and developments. Regular conferences have been held since the forum's inception, for all participants, representatives of the Heads of Government and Ministers of Education, senior officials, representatives of private education, academic representatives, business community, civil society and other regions of Asia and the world various types of educational institutions to share their experiences, exchange ideas, to fully consider the problem of education has a broad impact analysis.

Director, UNESCO Bangkok, Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education - Sheldon Shaeffer

I come from UNESCO. Through this Education Forum, we are concerned with a number of issues, including culture and the protection of language, to raise awareness around the world. We do our best for the sake of education.

We will not only have a constructive discussion in high-level ministerial meetings but also add representation for Pacific island countries. This meeting has injected fresh blood into the education debate and become more diversified. Since this diversification, everyone's perspectives have expanded. From different countries, different regions, we have all gained different perspectives on a number of issues. From the values within respective regions, to ethics and economic issues.

Former Deputy Premier of Poland - Prof. Dr. Grzegorzz W. Kolodko

I come from Poland, as well as other countries outside Asia to this Asian Education Forum. I learned a lot of things, but I am not here to teach. I am here to share my expertise. I have some idea of the socio-economic and other topics, how to establish a fair society. In addition to be able to share one of my ideas, but also to learn a lot of things from my colleagues in Asia. We will be very concerned about the Asian developments and will be further learn more from the body Chinese and other Asian countries. Human knowledge in these areas will make more contributions, then I would like to congratulate our meeting organizers and their success. I sincerely hope we can be invited to participate in next year's Forum, we will learn more knowledge.

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium - H.E. Mr. Jose Desmarets

I am very pleased that the EU has been able to come here and participate in the Asia Education Beijing Forum. This Roundtable meeting is co-sponsored by the European Business Cooperation Center and the Asia Education Forum Organizing Committee, with the intent to discuss how to strengthen Asia-Europe cooperation in the field of education. Also, to discuss the status of national education. We can exchange our experiences, and later, expand the reach of education resources to solve the problems encountered in the education system, which will enhance the cooperation between Europe and Asia.

Chairman of committee on overseas Cooperation and Development of European Parliament - H.E. Mr. Nirj Deva

I am really proud that we have a better partnership in Asia with Europe, and very honored to be able to come to such a milestone event such as the Asian Education Beijing Forum, this will result in a more rewarding relationship, and with so many Asian countries participating in this initiative I feel extremely pleased.

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